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 July 20, 2023 - At  BORDERPOL it takes a lot of support from partners like you to achieve our mission. However, did you know you can show your support to our cause without making a monetary gift?

Please consider donating an in-kind contribution by sponsoring this webpage.

You can also help us reach our goal of  raising funds for the production and hosting of the 8th BORDERPOL Global Forum in 2024. We’ll need to collect funds to meet the event development objectives  by the end of 2023 to help support the launch of the event next year.  Your input on the agenda and associated financial guarantees will be welcome.  

Furthermore your firm can help achieve this by becoming an official in-kind sponsor of the 8th BORDERPOL Global Forum 2024.

In doing so, you’ll help BORDERPOL community members all of whom are volunteers to bring to fruition a hallmark international event focusing on human mobility issues world wide and which was first held in 2012. Even better, we’ll help spread the word about your business by being our supporter.

Contact the BORDERPOL Forum Team by email, post or fax.



Thomas Tass Executive Director

Robert Dunlop Secretary Treasurer

Greg Spiker CFO

Jon Holland Director Programs

Rae Morrell LEO Advisor

Phelim Rowe Director Events

Col. Zoltan Szabo (Ret) Member Emeritus