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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


BORDERPOL  Executive Group  


  • Thomas A. Tass, Executive Director  
  • Robert Dunlop, Secretary Treasurer
  • Jonathan Holland, Program Director
  • Rae Morrell, Director /LEO Advisor
  •  Greg Spiker, CFO and Director Corporate Affairs
  • Peter Vincent, Director International Policy
  • Phelim Rowe, Director Events

All members of the Executive Group provide their services pro bono. Funding for the organization is through membership fees and patron support.

Can I support BORDERPOL without being a member?

BORDERPOL and PATREON make supporting the organization easy. Visit us at

How can I get in touch with the Executive Group?

The Member Service Center  responds to inquiries  regarding the activities of the organization.  All members of the Executive Group can be contacted by post and by email.

Why are there no links to Facebook or Twitter from this site?

These platforms do not comply with our data protection, patent protection and privacy policies of BORDERPOL. Therefor we do not publish links to social media platforms from our website.