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6th BORDERPOL Global Forum - Prague Congress Center, April 11-12 2018 - UPDATE #3

BORDERPOL Will Welcome Senior Delegates from Qatar and India to Prague

Ottawa, April 5, 2018

 An truly innovative and policy driven agenda for the 6th BORDERPOL Global Forum has been finalized.

Lawmakers from various services of the co-host Czech Republic Minstry of Interior be providing keynote addresses at the opening plenary session. In addition, senior representatives of the State of Qatar and India will be making their first formal presentations at the Forum and to BORDERPOL.

This year the Forum has placed priority emphasis on content that reflects the theme of BORDERPOL for 2018, "managing border security and migration management in an age of risk". 

Furthermore, the Forum will focus on presentations and discussions of strategic nature by presenters and participants from 40 countries. Unlike previous years, and because of the intense nature of the plenary sessions and the workshops on border security matters, there will be no concurrent trade or sponsorship booths. 

The 6th BORDERPOL Global Forum Agenda reflects the need to find real and sustainable solutions to the current global border security, traveler, refugee/migration crisis through cooperation, communication and collaboration among states, support from industry and sound research by academia. 

For details please contact the . 


6th BORDERPOL Global Forum - Prague Congress Center, April 11-12 2018 - UPDATE #2

BORDERPOL Celebrates 15 Years of Service

Ottawa, March 12, 2018

On March 15, 2003 BORDERPOL - The World Border Organization was granted its Non Profit Registration by the Government of Canada. 

Thomas Tass, Director General said today, "BORDERPOL was founded by forward thinking professionals and frankly pioneers who recognized the strategic global challenges to the border security and migration management community required an interdisciplinary platform attended by a multilateral group managed by an independent fraternal society of professionals."

"We owe a great deal of thanks to those who invested their time and "sweat equity" over the years to ensure the survival of a truly unique international institution"  he said.

BORDERPOL will formally celebrate the efforts of these outstanding individuals at the 6th BORDERPOL Global Forum in Prague 11-12 April at the Prague Congress Centre when the #borderpol_management_gurus - past and present - will come together.

If you are reading this then you are most likely engaged in border security and migration management matters. You are therefore invited to join us in Prague and engage with today's border security, traveler/refugee/migration management and associated social/technological leaders and lawmakers.

6th BORDERPOL Global Forum - Prague Congress Center, April 11-12 2018 - UPDATE #1

Ottawa, February 16, 2018

Final preparations are now underway with speakers and delegates registering via the official Forum webpage 

The 6th BORDERPOL Global Forum #6BGF2018 brings together the most diverse group of border management professionals from around the world. It recognizes that border security and migration management matters in the 21st Century requires the broadest and smartest cooperation and collaboration of leaders from government, industry and academia. The hallmark of the BORDERPOL Global Forum is that once again it brings together outstanding individuals and organizations. It is the gold standard global networking event for border security and migration management professionals.  

The General Secretariat advises that the event registration capacity is limited and urges those who have not yet registered to do so to avoid disappointment.

To obtain an LEO/Agency/VIP pass please contact BORDERPOL by fax +1.509.278.1660



Ottawa, December 19, 2017

The General Secretariat is pleased to announce the formation of the Executive Committee Advisory Board (ECAB). It's members will provide counsel and guidance to the General Secretariat and the Executive Commitee. 

The ECAB is an independent and permanent part the Executive Committee on policy and program issues. 


Ottawa, December 18, 2017

The General Secretariat announces the first of a series of program and security updates for 2018.

As a result new security enhanced membership cards will be introduced January 1, 2018. Effective January 31, 2018 all current or existing  "Registered Member" cards will be voided and will no longer be valid.  

The 2018 Edition known as the "15th Anniversary Commemorative Edition" member identification card will be issued to all  BORDERPOL personnel and members in good standing.  

BORDERPOL advises any member that has not received information of this upgrade/change to the membership program to contact the General Secretariat. 


Ottawa, November 27, 2017

BORDERPOL announces two major forms of recognition offered to the academic community, in accordance with the organizational mission of supporting border security education, training and research. Internationally recognized university based entities can apply for recognition as an Affiliate Research Center (ARC) with BORDERPOL.

All granted entities will have access to an ARC/COE digital link via a secure web page on the official BORDERPOL site. Among the conditions is that such entities, plus one of its senior leadership personnel, must hold a valid BORDERPOL office or annual membership.

COE/ARC benefits include joint workshop opportunities with BORDERPOL and/or other partners, registration discount at BORDERPOL's annual conference, discounted official products (subject to availability), digital access to BORDERPOL senior management, recognition on BORDERPOL website and at annual conferences, ability to send news/activities to all BORDERPOL members. 

A formal announcement about this new and original initiative will be made at the 6th BORDERPOL Global Forum in Prague, April 11-12, 2018. Senior national border management officials and intersted parties from industry and intergovernmental bodies should contact Prof. Akshay Pottathil, Director Digital Borders Program by email for specific details regarding registration and membership opportunities.


Ottawa, November 15, 2017

Thomas A. Tass,  Director General has appointed Mr. Robert W. Dunlop, B. Ed. Treasurer for BORDERPOL. He replaces Mr. Steven Grant whose growing professional committments limited his ability to carry out ongoing responsibilites as Treasurer.      

On behalf of the General Secretariat and the Executive Committee, the Director General thanks Mr. Grant for his service to and support for BORDERPOL and wishes him every success in his future endevears. 

Mr. Dunlop is an Associate Member of BORDERPOL and a retired member of the Public Service of Canada. He served with distinction with the legacy Citizenship and Immigration service of Canada from 1975 to 2004. He also served as an auditor to the National Police Service from 2004 to 2008. 

The orderly handover of the duties of the Treasurer will be completed by the end of November 2017. 


Ottawa, November 1, 2017 

Revised November 2, 2017

1. The 6th BORDERPOL Global Forum cohosted by the Czech Ministry of Interior will be held in Prague in 11 -12 April 2018 at the Prague Congress Center.

The BORDERPOL Global Forum is often imitated by commercial interests but are never duplicated. Unlike our commercial imitators whose foremost purpose is to generate revenue for the event principals,  BORDERPOL is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of international cooperation and collaboration among the leaders of the border security/migration management community. For information about how you or your organization can participate in the Forum please contact the General Secretariat directly by phone/fax at +1.289. 813.8295 or by post or e-mail or contact the event manager through the dedicated event website 

2. The General Secretariat announces that new special edition member registration/ID cards reflecting the 15th Anniversary of the founding of BORDERPOL will be issued to all officials and associate members in good standing in 2018. These cards will contain upgraded security features reflecting the organizations concern for its possible fraudulent use by unauthorized persons if lost or stolen. Associate members in good standing will be contacted by the General Secretariat with upgrade details.

3. The Director General has announced that the 2018 program theme of BORDERPOL will be "Balancing border security and human mobility in an age of risk"


Ottawa, July 6, 2017  - The Director General announced the appointment of Mr. Greg Spiker as Chief Financial Officer/Chief of Operations for BORDERPOL.The appointment takes effect immediately. Mr. Spiker assumes the position of CFO/COO at a time when the organization is scaling up its operations in the Americas and Asia and is preparing its fall 2017 and spring 2018 programs that will include working group meetings to meet the growing needs of the global border security, traveler, refugee/migration management communities.



Photo above: BORDERPOL European Secretariat Office 

56 Pozonyi Utca Suite/Room 10 Budapest 1133 - Hungary


BORDERPOL Directors at Intl Summit on Borders

Ottawa, June 15, 2017: Rae Morrell Director of Americas Bureau (left) and Akshay Pottathil Director Digital Borders (right) at the International Summit on Borders June 13-14. Discussions centered around the next generation of international security standards needed for the global supply chain. Senior officials from various national and intergovernmental agencies were also in attendance.


Chennai, June 15, 2017: The General Secretariat has approved the development of a series of new initiatives by the Asia Bureau. Headed by Cmdr. Seshadri Vasan (Ret) Director of the BORDERPOL Asia Bureau, the organization will be working with regional partners to promote better communication, cooperation and collaboration on issues of a technical and educational nature that affect border security, traveler and migration management. The Asia Bureau will also have a web portal that wil provide information and support to its partners on matter relating to the activities of the Asia Bureau.


Ottawa, May 15, 2017: The Director General announced the appointment of Mr. Rae Morrell as the Director of the Americas Bureau effective May 11, 2017. The Americas Bureau will look at ways to extend the reach of the organization in the western hemisphere. It will work closely with BORDERPOL's European Secretariat and the Asia Bureau. 

BORDERPOL European Secretariat at Eastern Partnership

Budapest, 24 March 2017: The Director of the BORDERPOL European Secretariat Col. Zoltan Szabo [Ret.] attended the "Eastern Partnership" conference 23-24 March 2017 held at the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior, Budapest.

The meeting was supported by the EU and organized by the IOM Office in Kiev and the Hungarian Interior Ministry. Experts met to discuss and focus on border and migration management in emergency situations.

Participants included representatives from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine as Eastern Partners. EU countries included Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Spain.

Representatives and delegates also came from the European Commission, the European Asylum Support Office, UNHCR, IOM, ICMP, WHO, Charles University Prague, Central European University, Hacettepe University Ankara, Europe Without Borders and BORDERPOL.


InterDrone Expo 2017

Date:  September 6-8, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Description: BORDERPOL is pleased to once again support the annual InterDrone Expo. After an impressive show last year (3,518 delegates from 54 nations and rave reviews) InterDrone returns to Las Vegas. It will feature 125+ sessions for engineers, software developers, executives, investors, regulators and commercial drone "buyers and fliers" in more than a dozen vertical market segments. 4000+ attendees from 6 continents and 180+ exhibitors. Receive a $100 discount of the previing rate of the 3 day pass by inserting  the code FLYIT when prompted at

BORDERPOL Director General Announces Formal Support for U.S. Border Patrol Foundation
DATE: February 10, 2017
LOCATION: General Secretariat, Ottawa, Canada
DESCRIPTION: Thomas A. Tass Director General announced the entry into force of BORDERPOL's formal agreement of support for the United States Border Patrol Foundation. The Agreement signed off by BPF on December 27, 2016 is the result of the completion of discussions that took place between the Executive Director of the BPF Ms. Shannon Staples and the Director General in Detroit, MI in September 2016 during the US/Canada Border Summit and the approval by the BORDERPOL Executive Committee at its annual general meeting in Budapest, Hungary  December 7, 2016.

BORDERPOL believes that the goals and missions of both organizations are complimentary as it relates to the well being of border and law enforcement personnel the world over. Through its network of U.S. members and border security professionals BORDERPOL supports the outstanding work of the BPF to provide assistance to the families of fallen or seriously injured border patrol agents in the line of duty. The ways and means of BORDERPOL support will be coordinated through the General Secretariat and will be managed with the direct participation of the permanent representative of the BPF to the General Secretariat.

For more information about the mission and goals of the United States Border Patrol Foundation please visit