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Extending our fame through our deeds

What is the BORDERPOL Point?

At the BORDERPOL Point  we focus on news and information, educational opportunities, and career development for professionals within the border security and migration management community worldwide. We use the locals.com platform for this service.

Basic BORDERPOL Point services are free, but a subscription version includes the annual BORDERPOL membership to qualified* applicants. 

Similar to  LinkedIn and others, the BORDERPOL Point  functions as a social messaging network for professionals.  But unlike the multi dimensional networks, the BORDERPOL Point is a niche site neither owned or operated by a big tech company. BORDERPOL is a non-profit organization established in 2003 to serve the international border security and migration management community. 

BORDERPOL Point  is a work in progress, specifically designed to facilitate border security and migration management professionals in the public and private sectors to make connections, publish ideas, sell their products, promote their events and share their experiences.

BORDERPOL Point  will also strive to be somewhat different from other social networking sites. It will be based on principles like connecting to friends or colleagues, posting updates, sharing content, and messaging other Community members. The free version of the program will facilitate basic links with others within the Community. 

Click below on the BORDERPOL Point Logo to join the global community that has been working together here since 2003.