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Social Media Refugee

July 20, 2020


Why has BORDERPOL distanced itself from social media platforms? 

After considerable review we have come to the inescapable conclusion that our organization receives no measurable benefit by messaging our mission, services or products on social media (SM).

From a commercial/promotional perspective no tangible financial benefits have accrued to BORDERPOL due to the employment of SM. Our broadcasts on SM on the three major SM platforms have never returned a single seat sold at a meeting or forum, confirmed any new memberships or brought a sponsor on board.

All SM platforms have approached BORDERPOL with unverifiable growth opportunities if the organization paid them for additional exposure.

The majority of SM platforms are for profit private information publishers.

They entirely self-governing entities that have no oversight by government with respect to national liable laws. As private commercial entities they are legitimately able to censor, delete or alter any of the materials provided to them by subscribers.

SM is not held accountable by government watch dog agencies that govern press, radio or television broadcasters for violating slander laws, hate speech or malinformation. SM platforms are totally self-governing entities.
We recognize that SM as private publishers they can determine the content they will permit to be published on their platforms. We recognize the politicization of SM platforms – much like traditional media such newspapers. It is for those reasons that SM policies are not compatible with BORDERPOL’s principles of transparency, neutrality and integrity.

Moreover, we are concerned that through technology some SM platforms have facilitated the promotion of malinformation through the manipulation of AI systems. Our brand gains little or no value from being associated with SM platforms that profit from being echo chambers for purveyors of extremist views, unverifiable sciences or fraudulent commercial services.

As a small niche NPO we have concluded that SM provides BORDERPOL with very limited exposure to the global community that we serve.

BORDERPOL has been an internet-based entity since its founding in 2003. Our webpage has always been available to members, supporters and readers worldwide. Information posted on the page is genuinely ours and outside of the possibility of manipulation by third parties.

Thomas A. Tass