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Social Media Censorship 

October 14, 2020

How censorship happens


Why does BORDERPOL limit its exposure to social media?

Because as the Editor of the New York Post discovered today, social media is driven by corporate interests based on self identified political, economic and social interests. 

BORDERPOL has experienced both censorship as well as deletions to our posts since it joined these platforms. Our organization is governed by a constitution that keeps us well clear of excuses that social media censors use to delete postings they do not approve of for a wide variety of corporate reasons. We recognize that as a private corporations they are within their rights to do so. 

BORDERPOL does not and has never appreciated in value or obtained revenue due to its subscriber relationship with these platforms. On the contrary the social media platforms have been the fiscal beneficiaries of our subscription(s) as publishers of our posts. 

In June 2020 the Executive Committee of BORDERPOL recognized the absence of discernable value added to our organization by being subscribers to various social media platforms. Consequently as the CEO, I approved a policy of retaining a very limited link to social media platforms and to be circumspect about postings to social media by BORDERPOL.

Today's news provides ample evidence that it was the right decision.

Thomas A. Tass

Editor, BORDERPOL Journal