Message to Our Members and Supporter

January 4, 2021

By Thomas A. Tass

Our upgraded website BORDERPOL NATION is now up and running here at

This includes a new cross platform header "BORDERPOL NATION" with relevant videos, the BORDERPOL Journal and all member and future patron newsletters.

We are aware that some web browsers suggest that our web site it is an "unsafe site" as it is not secured with an HTTPS URL. Rest assured that our site is quite secure with Network Solutions and well protected against hacking. Because of threats from hackers we purposely do not handle financial transactions or member information via our web-page and therefore have no need for an expensive SSL program. 

We have made upgrades at our primary social media page on MeWe with original publications, news and commentary and republished open source materials. This can be accessed at MeWe Readers are urged to sign up with MeWe which is free for general use.

Given the global reach of Facebook and in compliance with our published position (July 2020) regarding its censorship and monetizing policies, our site at Facebook remains open with very limited activity. This activity is primarily republishing open source and event promotions materials and can be accessed at

Due to popular demand our Instagram site has been re-opened and can be found at

Our LinkedIn site for the BORDERPOL Global Forum and the general BORDERPOL page has been upgraded to reflect the brand management changes.

Members are reminded that all administrative email is now managed through the encrypted mailbox. Ensure that our email address is on your trusted list.

This is particularly important as the Executive Committee is gearing up for a busy program for 2021 that will begin with virtual events and will conclude with the return of members and delegates to the 8th annual BORDERPOL Global Forum once the organization gets the green light from the relevant health authorities. 

Due to the large volume of spam/phishing messages sent to our general catch all email at  borderpol(at) address is cleared once a week. For that reason members are asked to refrain from sending messages to Member Services using that address.

Finally my colleagues and I are working hard to bring our on-line systems as up to date and informative/useful as possible in these trying times.  Any input and support in that work is welcome!

Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy and prosperous 2021!

Thomas Tass