Looking Back

January 5, 2021

By the Editor

Going though our organizations historical files I came across this item in CROSS BORDER CONTROL magazine, published for a brief period in the early eighties. 

In the issue that is highlighted I had the pleasure of interviewing a close friend and colleague John Oliver on the issue of missing and abducted children.

What struck me after reading the article was that after two decades of efforts by governments, IGO's and NGO's to deal with this global scourge so much of what was problematic then is still the case today. Think about that dear readers. Why is that? Given the time and millions spent on identifying and eradicating this crime so much remains to be done. 

It may be 2021 but the work remains.

Therefore let us do what needs to be done to support those who are dedicated to protecting children from those who would profit the most vulnerable in our societies.

Thomas Tass