Doing the Best We Can

February 20, 2021


A familiar adage is that "the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." Another adage is "the power of one." 

In light of these, our little group has done the best we can to challenge the power of oligarchs and big tech. We took a step forward that is a long walk for organizations like ours. We are but one voice but we believe others will follow our lead multiplying the power of one potent. We may be but a small light in the dark sky of the internet but we believe that the internet platforms should provide positive benefits and more equitably to its subscribers and users. 

BORDERPOL has now completed the decoupling program from social media platforms and channels that do not meet our standards of privacy and data protection. In accordance with our June 2020 policy statement links to social media platforms Facebook, Alphabet (Google) and Facebook and their associated subsidiary service are no longer being used by this organization. We do not post original materials to or support the use of these platforms within the BORDERPOL community.

We have consolidated our information, media and promotional broadcasts via the internet primarily through our official webpage at

Understanding the need to promote the organization via social media that does meet our privacy and data protection standards, BORDERPOL is present on LinkedIn, Rumble, MeWe, GAB and Parler. Should any of these platforms fail our expectations of data protection and privacy we will not hesitate to challenge them on these issues. Morewover, we will decouple from these platforms if they do not meet our policy standards.

February 20, 2021

Revised February 22, 2021