December 19, 2020

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2019 Eurojust Report on Counter-Terrorism

09 December 2020

PUBLICATION ID: 2020/00267

With the evolution of the security threat and the changing complexity of terrorist attacks and terrorist activities targeting EU Member States, it has become evident that an efficient judicial response to terrorism often reaches beyond a single jurisdiction. To address challenges efficiently, competent national authorities need to cooperate and coordinate among themselves and with relevant EU and international bodies, and share information in a timely and comprehensive manner.

The 2019 Eurojust Report on Counter-Terrorism presents Eurojust’s activities in the area of counter-terrorism (CT) in 2019, based on Eurojust’s mandate and aiming to strengthen the efficient judicial response to terrorism. It provides insights into the growing number of complex and diverse CT investigations and prosecutions coordinated by Eurojust, identifies challenges and best practices and refers to examples of the assistance that Eurojust provided to national authorities.

CT investigations and prosecutions brought to Eurojust for assistance concerned terrorist attacks and other types of terrorist activities committed by terrorist networks, terrorist cells or single individuals. Specific challenges were identified in relation to the execution of requests based on mutual recognition instruments, mutual legal assistance (MLA) requests and the establishment of the (best-placed) jurisdiction to prosecute.

Eurojust’s unique mandate and expertise have allowed it to assist national authorities efficiently at all stages of judicial proceedings and in relation to all types of terrorism. With the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2018/1727 on the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust) on 12 December 2019, Eurojust’s capacity to assist with and coordinate investigations and prosecutions has been further reinforced. (2Mb)

  December 16,2020

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Hot this week: The Low Countries, the US Supreme Court, and repatriation

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The Colonized World Wants Its Artifacts Back
(7 December 2020; Vice)

After outcry from antiquities trade, Unesco further adjusts ad campaign on looted artefacts
(8 December 2020; The Art Newspaper)


Ace Magashule's Former Bodyguard Found Guilty of Stealing Pierneef Painting (South Africa)
(11 December 2020; Eyewitness News)


Nisga'a woman spearheads new effort to repatriate family house pole from Europe (Canada, UK)
(12 December 2020; Vancouver Sun)

Man Suspected Of Burglarizing Gold Rush-Era Mine Museum In Amador County (USA)
(10 December 2020; CBS)

Stolen 30 Years Ago and Replaced With a Forgery Is Finally Returning to Its Original Owner (USA)
(11 December 2020; ArtNet News)

Looted Nazi Art Again Before Supreme Court (USA)
(7 December 2020; NPR)

Supreme court hears arguments in landmark cases over art stolen by Nazis during Holocaust (USA)
(8 December 2020; The Guardian)


New Digital Project Details 150 Belgian Libraries Looted by the Nazis (Belgium)
(9 December 2020; Smithsonian)

Publication details Nazi-looted libraries during Holocaust in Belgium (Belgium)
(10 December 2020; The Jerusalem Post)

Smithsonian and Berlin museums join forces to investigate Asian art provenance (Germany, USA)
(10 December 2020; The Art Newspaper)

Jewish descendants welcome report encouraging return of looted art (Netherlands)
(8 December 2020; Dutch News)

Dutch Panel for Looted Art Claims Must Change Course, Report Finds (Netherlands)
(7 December 2020; The New York Times)

Dutch government criticizes its own policy on Holocaust-stolen art (Netherlands)
(9 December 2020; The Times of Israel)

Cherub sculpture stolen from Newport hours after installation (UK)
(9 December 2020; South Wales Argus)

German art collector, 38, from renowned Gulbenkian family who is accused of £1.1m theft over 'Kusama pumpkin' sculpture appears in court after Portugal extradition (UK, Germany, Portugal)
(9 December 2020; The Daily Mail)

Stone of Destiny: 70th anniversary of `liberation' from Westminster Abbey renews calls for its return to Perth (UK)
(12 December 2020; The Courier)

Tome raiders: solving the great book heist (UK, Romania)
(13 December 2020; The Guardian)

South and East Asia

Artist Discovers a Looted Statue in a Canadian Museum's Collection, Leading to Its Repatriation (India, Canada)
(7 December 2020; Hyperallergic)

Bringing the goddess home (India, Canada)
(13 December 2020; Mumbai Mirror)

Fake painting scandal of Lee Ufan continues: report (South Korea)
(12 December 2020; Korea Herald)

West and Central Asia

Scarred but still standing, Mosul museum reopens at last (Iraq)
(8 December 2020; Al Monitor)

1,700-year-old Cybele statue set to return home to Turkey's Afyonkarahisar (Turkey, USA)
(10 December 2020; Daily Sabah)

In Other News

Rare, high-priced red wine stolen from display at Joseph George Wines in San Jose (USA)
(12 December 2020; The Mercury News)