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Citizen Journalist Program

July 13, 2020


Following extensive reviews of the publication policies of the various social media platforms (SMP) used by this organization, we have decided to focus the majority of our external communications exclusively through our own web-page

SMP's used by BORDERPOL are private revenue generating corporate publishing entities. They are legally permitted to screen and censor any or all content that is to be published on their platform. However the exercise of their authority with regard to content censorship has been on many occasions been both predatory and capricious. The freedom of expression is limited to the extent that commercial or political interests of the shareholders permit. With the de facto expansion of AI systems those policies are automated.

Over time, the posting policies of SMP's have become inconsistent with our corporate values and operational principles. In order to avoid being censored or censured by SMP's we have been associated with, a decision was made to withdraw our support of these corporations as a matter of principle.

Therefore we are redirecting all original messages to our global community through our own internet platform, namely 

We understand that our decision will limit our "broadcast capabilities" by narrow casting our messages through our own web-page. However by doing so BORDERPOL will remain the owner/manager of the message and not be subject to the whims or priorities of private publishers.

This brings us to the creation of the Citizen Journalist Program (CJP) that will be officially launched September 1, 2020.

The purpose of the program is to give our members, colleagues, friends and corporate supporters and opportunity to express their views, ideas, products and concerns with the BORDERPOL global community that are in keeping the mission and principles of the organization.  

The CJP program is another exciting opportunity that is presenting itself to our community primarily because  "necessity is the mother of invention" because the SMP's have abdicated their responsibilities motivated by profit and engaging in political manifestations. 

The former makes sense to us but the latter is not supported by us. 

Thomas A. Tass,