April 29, 2020


For over 17 years hundreds of people have been associated with the organization and thousands have attended our workshops, seminars and conferences in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

From the very beginning we were an independent and evolutionary group. We have welcomed countless of outstanding individuals ranging from frontline border officers to national lawmakers to heads of international organizations. 

I feel it is important to recognize the hard work of our current Executive Committee, associate members, patrons and sponsors as we navigate through these extraordinary times. 

In a historical context, it is important to recognize my BORDERPOL alumni friends and colleagues who in March 2003 officially created BORDERPOL. They were, in no particular order, Dr. Zoltan Szilagyi, John Oliver, Rodney Irwin, Leslie Bonnay, Zoltan Szabo, Mladen Vulinec and Scott Newark. They were the charter members who skillfully crafted the strategic mission, organizational structure and legal status of BORDERPOL.  Because of their insight, skills and experience they built a small institution that has stayed true to its principles and values. 

At the time of this writing Team BORDERPOL is preparing new programs. Our efforts continue in spite of the challenges that COVID19 has put in our way. The Team is working towards the delivery of modest programs virtually in the weeks ahead and the annual Global Forum in a traditional social setting once the crisis is over. 

I welcome current and alumni members to join us in both realities.