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Promoting Smart Border Management Worldwide?


BORDERPOL was established by a small group of security experts in 2003 with the goal of increasing awareness about proper border control.  With historic ties to the International Border Police Conference from 1992 to 2012, it has, over the last few years, evolved into a peerless, unique service institution.

Current Operations

Today, BORDERPOL is a community that combines the knowledge and experience of a diverse team of border management experts.  These recognized security professionals have extensive backgrounds in government, industry, academia and more.  It integrates these studies into cutting-edge programs and activities that are designed to serve the international communities in border security and traveler/migration management.

BORDERPOL's European Secretariat established in 2004 hosts working groups, seminars and workshops that are peer managed and operated. Located in Budapest, Hungary the Secretariat works with regional and national border agencies, intergovernmental organizations and law enforcement colleges. For information or to contact the Director of the European Secretariat go to the contact page on this website.


Annual Associate Membership in BORDERPOL is open to sworn,serving or retired law enforcement officials, or individuals of national or international repute with backgrounds in border security, traveler, refugee or migration management who support the mission and goals of the organization. Membership in BORDERPOL can be beneficial by facilitating professional development opportunities and opening international networking  channels.

Membership is governed by the BORDERPOL Constitution and Bylaws. All nominations or applications are vetted by the General Secretariat to ensure that nominees or applicants are not members of any prohibited group as prescribed by the United Nations or any prohibited person as listed by notices of the International Criminal Police Organization INTERPOL. 

BORDERPOL Digital Borders Program

  • Provide technology training to border security partners
  • Provide technology consultation/evaluation for partner organizations
  • Establish innovative partnerships with private technology providers
  • Enhance strategic relationships with national capacity building teams
  • Regional certification programs by BORDERPOL
  • Annual conference presentation on digital borders efforts

FOCUS 2017-2018

Digital platform for capacity building

Digital campaign targeting illicit trafficking

Digital training on persistent surveillance

For more information about BORDERPOL's Digital Border Program contact Mr. Akshay Pottathil, Director, Digital Borders

Intergovernmental Council

Formally established in The Hague, Netherlands, in February 2015, the Intergovernmental Council is comprised of control agencies representatives from around the world.  BORDERPOL's intergovernmental activities are undertaken within the legal framework of the group initially known as the Common Council, the founding members of which are listed below:

• Finland
• Georgia
• Gibraltar
• Interpol America
• The Netherlands
• Singapore