Ottawa, ON August 31, 2019

BORDERPOL To Use BitChute  Video Service

The General Secretariat will begin using BitChute as its primary video platform beginning Q4 2018.  For details of the company and the technology please click of the URL here>  

Ottawa, ON August 9, 2018

BORDERPOL Centralizes News and Information Portal  

The CEO of BORDERPOL Thomas Tass announced that changes are being implemented with respect to way news and information about the organization and its work is dissemenated. This follows an extensive review of the organizations ability to a) develop and manage its news and information program, b) the changing environment of the social media community and c) the limitations of internet security.   on the findings of the General Secretariat and central to the new policy is the need to "ensure that BORDERPOL's mission and work is accuately projected and that the organizations economic well being is protected."

Changes with respect to "BORDERPOL 2.0" agreed to at the April 2018 Executive Committee Meeting in Prague are well underway.  This includes long term planning and delivery of workings groups and the 7th BORDERPOL Global Forum #7BGF2019 and  delivery of university accredited educational programs. 

In the coming months podcasts, videos and orginal analytical reports of interest to the BORDERPOL community will be produced. For technical and security reasons these will be distributed and embedded exclusively via the official BORDERPOL website.

The protection of the integrity of our organization is paramount to the the General Secretariat. As a consequence of the policy change, the organization will suspend and if necessary cancel social media platforms that fail to meet the standards of BORDERPOL.


Exciting news! Your BORDERPOL Radio Podcast , is now available on PocketCasts!  Click here    Episode Four now on air.



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