Join us in 2019. Become an exhibitor and meet senior decision makers who are making a difference worldwide! 

If you are a supplier of technology and services used in border security and protection then BORDERPOL Global Forum is an ideal platform for your company. As an exhibitor you will meet some of the world’s most influential border management, immigration and security policy makers and practitioners face-to-face. The exhibition gives you unprecedented access to senior figures making serious investment decisions on the future of border security.

As an exhibitor the forum is will also be a perfect opportunity to gain in-depth understanding and intelligence on the future of border security and management. This knowledge will be vital in helping you define clear strategies in line with the needs of those implementing policy and end users.



Thank you to all participants who participated in the 6th BORDERPOL Global Forum.  We thank our co-host the Czech Ministry of Interior and Prague Congress Center for their support. 


We look forward to welcoming you to our next event in 2019  #7BGF2019. 

BORDERPOL Global Forum is a multi-faceted event bringing together border agencies from 49 countries, senior border security professionals and innovative solution providers to explore the current landscape, investment areas, future policy and developing technology.

Alongside the conferences are a series of closed door agency workshops covering the most operationally critical issues facing international border security.

The Forum showcases the latest capabilities available for effective border enforcement and protection. It offers an opportunity for government to meet with the private sector to explore their needs and source products and services.  

Who will you meet at the 7th BORDERPOL GLOBAL FORUM #7BGF2019?

Border Agencies

Customs and border control officials

National / Homeland security advisors, policymakers and personnel

Coast guard officers – Chiefs of Police and Police and law enforcement officers

Boundary commissioners

Diplomats and foreign affairs officials

Borderland planners and managers

Defence and security departments

Consular officials

Policy analysts

Global Security Risk Analyst

Heads of Department of Economic, Management and Operation of Maritime Transport

Heads of National Analysis Centre

Heads of Sector, EU and Schengen

Security system providers

If you supply any of the following products & services exhibiting at #7BGF2019 is essential!

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Command and control


Ground and maritime radars


Search equipment (people, cargo and baggage)

Explosive and chemical detection

Hostile vehicle and vessel mitigation


Perimeter and access control

Secure documents and readers



Surveillance from land, sea, air or space

Aviation security design


Threat assessment models and risk mitigation

" Because BORDERPOL is a not for profit, independent fraternal organization the cost of attending the Forum is quite cost effective."

–Recent remark made by a senior official at the 6th Forum in Prague

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