About BORDERPOL – The World Border Organisation

"A country without borders is not a country."
— Thomas Jefferson

BORDEROL is a non-partisan, not-for-profit international border security and migration management policy think tank. Dedicated to working with border management professionals world wide as well as educating the public about border management matters that most media fails to report.


(a) To promote the widest possible mutual assistance between all border enforcement authorities within the limits of the laws existing in the different countries and in the spirit of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”;

(b)To promote safe and secure borders through good border governance and complementing the efforts of existing international organizations through dynamic and effective partnerships through global cooperation, communication and consultation among border security professionals;

(c) To work with border services the world over to develop active and successful partnerships that promote research in the field of border security and intelligence in the interest of higher education, scholarship and an informed public opinion;

(d) To promote international peace and security in accordance with the principles of international justice as embraced by the family of the United Nations;

(e) To provide a body of resource expertise in order to facilitate awareness and understanding of the activities of the international border security community;

(f) To hold an annual meeting and conference, as well as special conferences on the advice of the Intergovernmental Council on particular themes;

(g) To publish a regular newsletter containing information about the Organization and it activities and other items pertinent to the Organization's mandate;

(h) To study the role of border security, to foster the accumulation of knowledge about such activities, and to study the relationships between border security agencies, governmental institutions and civil societies;

(i) To provide professional developmental assistance and training to organizations and border security agencies.

BORDERPOL publishes online reports, podcasts and videos exclusively at www.borderpol.org that feature relevant border topics that include but are not limited to illegal migration, trans national criminality, economic security issues and their possible consequences. Select authors will report on such matters as reviewing the actions and impact of intergovernmental organisations. 

BORDERPOL operations are funded entirely by its members and private corporate donors. We are grateful for their support.

Thomas Tass - Chief Executive Officer

Robert W. Dunlop - Secretary Treasurer 

Greg Spiker - Vice President for Corporate Affairs


The General Secretariat is responsible for the organization's overall administration. Programs and projects are managed by the Executive Committee, Regional Bureaus and/or contracted firms and individuals.  2018 Executive Committee Advisory Board (ECAB) members provide expert advice and guidance to the General Secretariat.   

Executive Committee 

  • Thomas A. Tass Chief Executive Officer (Canada)
  • Robert W. Dunlop Secretary Treasurer (Canada)
  • Greg Spiker Vice President Corporate Affairs (United States)
  • Peter S. Vincent Vice President International Policy (United States)
  • Col. Zoltan Szabo (Ret) Director, European Bureau (Hungary)
  • Cmdr. Seshadri Vasan (Ret) Director Asia Bureau (India)
  • Rae Morrell Director Americas Bureau (Canada)
  • Akshay Pottathil Vice President Technology (United States)
  • Michael Lowder Vice President Government Affairs ECAB (United States)
  • Phelim Rowe Director Event Management (United Kingdom)
  • Lee Wakefield ECAB Advisor (United States)

Legal and Policy Administration

BORDERPOL's policies and programs are governed by its Constitution (2005) and bylaws. Executive Committee members a professionals who provide their time and expertise pro bono. Where possible, staff classification standards reflect those used by IGO's and established by the personnel bureau of the United Nations.

BORDERPOL Trademark 

All BORDERPOL trademarks, logos, service marks, slogans, copyrighted designs, and other brand features, are used only as explicitly licensed by BORDERPOL and only under the terms and conditions described in such licensing. No reproduction or duplication, in whole or in part, of any section, item, text, or graphic found on this website is authorized unless a grant of license or copyright permission is specifically issued in writing.  The BORDERPOL website is copyrighted and protected in full by international law, as is the material and content therein protected by BORDERPOL.   If there is a question regarding our licensing guidelines, copyrights, or if you believe BORDERPOL's crest, logo or slogan is being used fraudulently, please contact the General Secretariat in Ottawa

Corporate Partners Program 2018/19

 Maximize the impact of your company’s marketing efforts by becoming a BORDERPOL Corporate Partner and gain targeted exposure to the most influential people in border management. Corporate Partners provide an important role in supporting BORDERPOL’s mission. In return, BORDERPOL recognizes and promotes the value of its Corporate Partners. The benefits derived by your company’s support of BORDERPOL activities include: becoming part of an entity that is considered as the most respected multi-jurisdictional organization for border protection policy-makers, practitioners, and security industry professionals.

Corporate Partners will have the chance to have representatives attend and mix with international border officials at the annual BORDERPOL Global Forum. No other event brings together as many international border agencies. You will meet attendees from over 50 different countries joined together to exchange information and learn new ways to plan for and solve the critical issues faced by border agencies worldwide.

Corporate Partners Program (CPP) benefits include:

  • Recognition at the BORDERPOL annual Global Forum including signage and listing in registration and program materials.
  • Priority, discounted registration, and up to a 50 percent discount on sponsor fees at the annual BORDERPOL Global Forum (Platinum 50%, Gold 25% - two tickets limit applies).
  • Opportunity to profile and demonstrate your latest products and services brochure at the reception desk.
  • Direct link to your company from the BORDERPOL website.
  • Opportunity to attend and receive special acknowledgement at BORDERPOL educational programs and/or workshops
  • Special recognition at Global Forum.
  • Social media recognition during participation at the BORDERPOL events.
  • Receive information on BORDERPOL activities.
  • Networking opportunities with the key stakeholders in the domain.
  • Corporate member networking session at BORDERPOL Global Forum.

Annual Corporate Partner Fee

Platinum $10,000

Gold $5,000

Silver $2,500

Annual Individual Membership (AIM*) 

Border and Law Enforcement Member $100

Academic / Researcher Member $200

Industry / Professional Member $500

*Only available to individuals and not applicable to agencies or associations.

To confirm your participation as a 2018/19 BORDERPOL Corporate Partner, or to obtain additional information about the Corporate Partners Program, contact:

Greg Spiker, VP Corporate Relations, 213-896-8900, ext. 122

E-mail: greg.spiker(at)BORDERPOL.org

1100 S. Flower Street, Suite 3300, Los Angeles, CA 90015

"BORDERPOL's approach to bringing  border management professionals in an environment of collegiality remains unique and quiterewarding."

–Head of Agency, (name withheld) 

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